Business Analysis Techniques


There are many techniques that Business Analyst's employ to do their job. With different techniques being available for different purposes in different situations.  The goal of this section of the wiki is to eventually provide:

The amount of content for different entries may vary significantly, depending on whether users add to the wiki entry for that technique, and whether it is a commonly used technique.


What do I mean by Technique?

For purposes of this wiki, I am defining a Technique as a specific action or set of actions that is used by a Business Analyst to help deal with issues of scope, elicitation, documentation, analysis, and verification.

I want to try and separate Techniques from Skills which I see as more general capabilities or knowledge sets of the Business Analyst.  As an example, I would say that facilitation is a Skill, while Brainstorming or running Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions are specific Techniques that supplement the Skill.  Because Skills are more generic to BA's in general, I have them in the Career section of the wiki.


Technique Categories and List

Each technique has it's own page, but I have attempted to group them below by usage. Any technique that is not a link below is a placeholder for a future page.

General Analysis Techniques

Data Analysis Techniques

Decision and Rules Techniques

Elicitation Techniques

Enterprise Analysis Techniques

Features and Functional Analysis Techniques

Prioritization Techniques

Problem Solving and Ideation Techniques

Process Analysis Techniques

Project Analysis and Scoping Techniques

Root Cause Analysis

Stakeholder Management Techniques