The Origin of the Idea

I've been a Business Analyst since 2004, and the one thing I have learned is that I still have a lot to learn. I am always wondering if there might be some tool, technique, or process I could be using in different situations that would make me more effective and possibly make my job easier. So this being the internet age, I searched the web. And sure enough, I came across the LinkedIn discussion forums, sites like ModernAnalyst, and blogs like Practical Analyst. But because I am a Business Analyst and something of a Type A personality, many of these options presented issues that bugged me.

All of this really came to head when I was studying for my CBAP and laboring to find more information on the topics the BABOK Guide discussed. Another major issue was the lack of freely available (e.g. not in a book or requiring membership in some organization) and complete references on Business Analysis topics that I encountered when I started mentoring other BA’s. This was especially true when I spent a couple of years in Poland for my employer and neither I or the BA’s I was mentoring had access to the reference books I had accumulated back in the U.S. So I determined that as soon I had time, I would put together a web site that would help address these issues. Thus, BAWiki was conceived.

So what am I setting out to achieve with this web site?

My main goal for this website is to provide useful business analysis reference material that I can point BA’s I’m mentoring to and that I think will be useful to other BA’s. The main form of this reference material are the wiki pages on this site. They are all:

I initially started off the wiki section with pages that were mostly just links to more information on that topic elsewhere, and unfortunately there are still a couple of pages like that on the site. But for the most part each wiki page is up to my current standards and in some cases are among the top results in Google searches on the subject.

My secondary goal is to provide some ‘curated’ reference lists that I think would be useful to other business analysts. Right now these lists cover:

I use the term ‘curated’ because all of the lists are made up of things I generally think BA’s will find to be good resources. It’s my opinion of course, and you may not agree on their quality. I also add to lists as I think about it, so there can be long gaps between updates.

Lastly, I wanted to provide myself with a blog where I can post some of my own thoughts on Business Analysis, recommend content elsewhere, or just generally float ideas or tips that don’t really fit as wiki pages.

What about ads or tracking?

At the moment, I don’t intend to ever have any advertising on the site at all. I’m not doing this to make money. But I reserve the right to include some ads in the future if the site gets so popular that I’m in need of money to upgrade the hosting plan to something outside my normal budget.

Google Analytics used to be set up for this site, but I have since removed it. If I add it back, Google may be tracking where you go. And if you want to add comments, I will require an email address in order to reduce comment spam. But that’s the only tracking or information disclosure I expect to occur.

So who are you?

My name is Dave Olson and I’ve been a Business Analyst with a global financial services firm since 2004. I received my CBAP designation from the IIBA in 2011. I’ve never been a consultant, and I don’t have nearly the experience that many of the big names in the field have. If anything, I would guess that my experience may be less broad than a great many other BA’s out there, which is part of the reason I wanted to put together a resource like this site.

Contacting Me

If you want to email me for anything that you don’t want to leave in comments, just send it to |admin| (no pipes) at the site URL.

And thanks for actually reading all of this (if you have)!