Site News - New Investment Logic Mapping Wiki Page

Published: 31 March 2018


After a really, really, really long time; I have finally added a new page to the wiki.  This one is on the Investment Logic Mapping technique.  Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) is part of the Investment Management Standard that was defined by the Australian State Government of Victoria, and which has since been adopted by other entities in Australia as well as the Government of New Zealand.

I have added it to the wiki because I believe it's a technique that could be very useful to Business Analysts who are trying to define stakeholder understanding and agreement of what the need is for an investment (be it a project effort or otherwise), what's driving the need, what the benefits of addressing the issue would be, and how those benefits will be measured.

The ILM technique provides a way to get all of this BEFORE a project has kicked off.  As always, you don't have to stick to the exact process defined here to find value in the technique.  Perhaps just the categories and information and way things are linked might be valuable to you.  I do recommend you review the technique as I think it provides an approach to a problem that seems to be little addressed by much of modern project management.

And as always, feedback is welcome.

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