Site News: January 2020 Update

Published: 5 January 2020


In May of 2019 I ended up switching hosting providers on short notice and decided at the same time to stop using WordPress. I wanted to learn HTML and CSS and decided to re-do the site by manually coding it myself as a way to learn. I also had some of the following goals in mind:

As of today, the main transition of this site from WordPress is more or less complete. I am still not including any sort of comments function so any old comments are gone. If there is enough interest, maybe I will set up a Discord server or Slack channel for those who want to discuss Business Analysis.

Most importantly, the objective the wiki portion remains to provide in-depth coverage of the topic discussed. The wiki is NOT the place for quick overview articles. My goal is to provide not only an overview, but step-by-step instructions, history, context, and additional commentary where I feel appropriate.

I still have some items on my to-do list like adding a certificate and enabling HTTPS access, and some tweaks to the design. But those are secondary to the goals I had above and will come in the future.

If you have any feedback, you can still email me at |admin| at ||, without the pipes and replacing 'at' with the symbol.


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