A BAwiki 2017 Year in Review

Published: 30 January 2018


2017 was a busy year personally. I wrapped up a 3-year enterprise-level project; which led to me accepting a junior management position leading a very small team of business analysts; I bought a house; and generally dealt with a number of the curve-balls that life throws at you.  All of which unfortunately meant that this site did not get nearly the attention I hoped.

On a positive note, my goal of writing content that has a longer shelf life and having this site act as a sort of reference resource seems to be working even with a bit of inattention.  2017 saw the following improvements in site metrics over 2016 (as measured by Google Analytics):

Other interesting statistics include:

I am hoping in 2018 to get back to regular writing for this site and finally finishing some of the longer articles I have had in progress for a while.

Thank you again to all those who visit and find something of use here.  I remain committed to having no advertising on this site, so my only reward is your attention and the occasional positive comment.  :)

May your 2018 be a story of success, both personal and professional.

© 2018 by David Olson