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Published: 5 May 2014


In case you missed it, I wanted to point out that the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) recently launched an online magazine aimed at Requirements Engineering professionals called (appropriately enough) Requirements Engineering Magazine.  As stated on the magazine home page:

The Requirements Engineering Magazine is an independent online magazine, published quarterly by IREB.

The Requirements Engineering Magazine shall serve as a platform for the active exchange of professionals on Requirements Engineering (RE). It is cost free in order to motivate as many professionals as possible to read the articles and thus give them the opportunity to expand their range of knowledge. Articles around the RE-topic are contributed by international professionals from the fields of BA and RE. Everybody is welcome to submit articles, may she/he be IREB member or not!

That part in bold above was highlighted by me, because it's a very notable difference from the IIBA's Best Practices for Business Analysismagazine. The IIBA wants to force you to be a member in order to read their online magazine. The IREB is putting it out there for everyone who might benefit to read for free.  It's the sort of difference that tells you a lot about the respective organizations IMO.

The first two issues have some good articles (or what look like good articles, as I am still reading through them) on such topics as the Product Owner in SCRUM, the Innovation Arena agile prioritization technique, a couple of articles on requirements re-use, and quite a bit more.  Please consider contributing if you are inclined.  There is even a link (at the top of the magazine page) to receive an email notification whenever a new issue is published.  So far, it seems like the magazine is off to a great start and I highly recommend you give it a look.

You can find the online magazine here:  Requirements Engineering Magazine


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