New Wiki Page: Decomposition - Functional and Otherwise

Published: 29 November 2013


I added a new page to the Wiki that covers Decomposition.  Originally I was just going to write about Functional Decomposition since that is what is in the BABOK, but when doing my research for writing the page I came across too many other examples of when Business Analyst's use a broader range of decomposition types.  So the wiki page covers structural, behavioral / functional, and goal decomposition.  I have also included very simple examples of documenting decomposition with a diagram, an outline structure, and a table structure.

I've got that mental itch that tells me I am going to have to come back and revisit / revise this page some day in the future.  But for now I think it gives a broader overview than what you will get in the BABOK and consolidates information from a number of sources.

As always, feedback is appreciated.

© 2013 by David Olson