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Task Management software can be another great tool for Business Analysts and Project Managers.  A WBS or Business Analysis Plan will usually have the high-level tasks, but when you need to really dive into an issue with multiple sub-tasks or need to track tasks outside of a project, then task management software can really help.

Both Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft OneNote include very basic task management capabilities which may work for you.  So if you are in a Microsoft environment and have those, give them a try.  But I found both lacking and went looking for more robust solutions.

One unexpected benefit from having used the same app for several years is that I can look back at my tasks from the past.  This helps me check projections against the actual time it took to complete something.  See how I  went about doing something in the past.  Or provide reference data for that annual review or IIBA certification requirement to document your past work.  It is certainly something I couldn’t do with pen and paper when I would just throw the list away whenever I was done with it.

So here are the few I am aware of.  I now there are a lot more out there, especially for iPhone and similar mobile usage.

Desktop Software

  • TaskJuggler (free and open-source, but more of a project management software than a dedicated to-do list)
  • ToDoList (free and open-source)

Online (cloud) Software



  • I use ToDoList extensively at work and at home.  It’s free, VERY capable, and is the single best solution I have found.

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