Screen Capture and Editing Tools


Screen Capture and Editing software is a major time-saver for a BA.  Depending on the capabilities of the software you are using, you can:

  • Capture error messages or screens when testing
  • Easily show interface (mostly minor) changes by capturing a screenshot of the current interface and then marking it up to show the changes
  • Capture the text of error messages or other system resources that may not be currently documented
  • Improve the quality of training materials and user guides by capturing important system screens of your new or updated application

And possibly even more, depending on the software (such a video capture of the screen, text extraction from graphical elements, etc.).

Desktop Software


  • I’m a big fan of SnagIt by TechSmith.  I have used it in my job for years and after showing my co-workers what it’s capable of, our department bought the latest version for all of our team.  TechSmith has a free trial version you can download from their web site and I highly recommend you give it a try.  It’s proven extremely valuable especially when documenting issues found during testing or production errors (you just capture the screen and mark up what is wrong).

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