Information Management Tools

Information Management software is one of those tools that I think every BA should adopt.  Good information management software lets the BA have a single repository for interview notes, work outlines, meeting minutes, discussion notes, requirements concepts, or any of the other broad range of information artifacts that BA’s create and leverage during their work.

I am personally a huge fan of Microsoft OneNote and if you work in a corporate environment there is a good chance you can get a copy of OneNote for “free” (depending on your corporate software licensing practices) or that you may even have installed at the moment but aren’t using.  But even if you don’t use OneNote, there are other information management applications out there.

Desktop Applications

  • Docear (java-based, free and open-source)
  • Evernote  (commercial)
  • Microsoft OneNote  (commercial)
  • SilverNote (commercial, but with a free trial version)
  • WikiDpad (Python-based personal desktop wiki, free and open-source)
  • Zim  (Python-based personal desktop wiki, free and open-source)



  • An Introduction to OneNote 2010 for Business Analysts.  This is an overview of the features of OneNote 2010 and how it might be leveraged by BA’s that I put together to encourage a number of my co-workers to adopt OneNote.

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