This section of the wiki covers software tools that may be of interest to business analyst’s.  In the original version of this site I had a separate page for each application.  But I decided that I really couldn’t stay up to date with all the changes these apps go through and that I probably couldn’t add much more information than someone could get from the software’s web page.

I have broken the tools down to categories, and on each category page provide a list of the tools of that type that I am aware of and if I have personal experience with one of them or the category in general I may provide some tips or other info.

I basically started gathering this information for my own use because I was constantly looking for tools to make my job better.  Unfortunately, most of them we can’t install them at my employer (even the free and open-source stuff).  I also frequently see questions on BA forums asking about what tools people recommend for “problem X” or “usage Y” and hope that these pages will provide at least a jumping off point for people looking for that type of info.

If you know of any tools I have not included, feel free to add a comment or shoot me an email and I will add it to the page.

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