International Society of Six Sigma Professionals


The International Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP) is the only society exclusively promoting the interests of Six Sigma professionals. Our community is comprised of:

  • Prospects: Individuals seeking to learn how Six Sigma might be introduced – or integrated – into their business processes.
  • Practitioners: Deployment and implementation experts that may include Management, Champions, Masters and Project Leaders.
  • Companies: Businesses that are implementing Six Sigma and other change management practices.
  • Affiliates: Providers of products and services, related to Six Sigma implementation, application and education.

Founded in 1997, ISSSP grew rapidly during its incubation period and officially launched in October 2001. ISSSP is committed to the advancement of education, research and implementation of the Six Sigma methodology through resources in live, print and electronic media. ISSSP enhances the knowledge of its diverse community of members while maintaining a high level of ethics, professionalism and standards within the Six Sigma community.

Today, ISSSP boasts a dynamic global community of individual, corporate and affiliate members representing large and small businesses, across a gamut of industry categories. No matter your company’s role or interest in Six Sigma, ISSSP represents a wealth of resources from which your deployment and your professional growth can truly benefit.


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