A good Business Analyst should always be learning something new. Whether it’s a new technique, a new way of applying a technique, learning more about business in general or the field you work in, or just learning more about different software and information technology in general.

And the best way (in my opinion) is to educate yourself. Pick a gap in your current skill-set. Look at what you might learn about what your current business partner does, the corporate and regulatory environment they exist in, and what their competitors are doing. Look at the sort of projects you might be working on next. Or just pick something you are interested in and go research it. You never know when some bit of knowledge will be useful, and the process of researching, analyzing, and learning something new in itself has benefits in that it helps you build the research skills that will come in handy the next time you get assigned to work on a project with a team, business, or application that you have no familiarity with.

Some quick resources for self-education include:

  • Online courses such as Open Courseware
  • Freely available Research Papers on topics of interest to Business Analysts (see the link in the main menu above)
  • Reading blogs, articles and similar information (see the Links page of this site for a good start)

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