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There are generally two (2) sources of education for Business Analysts, either Self-Education or Paid Education . Self-Education includes reading books, blogs, and websites. I would also say it includes free webinars and attending conferences (although that last one is definitely debatable). I would say that Paid Education includes all courses or webinars you need to pay for. Courses would include both those you take from an established college or university, as well as those you take from company like LearningTree or other paid education provider.


Since I became a BA I have taken multi-day courses from corporate providers like LearningTree, I have attended a University of California Extension program to get a Certificate in Business Analysis, and I have done a lot of self-education. From experience, I STRONGLY recommend that you do not pay for education / training unless you absolutely have to. If you are new to the Business Analyst role, or trying to break into the field, I think you are far better off spending your money on books and study guides to help you build your knowledge. If you need something to show an potential employer, instead of spending thousands of dollars with a paid education provider, spend that money instead on the books and study materials to help you get a few of the entry-level Certification’s that are available, such as the CPRE (for Requirements Engineering) and one of the OMG Certifications such as the OCEB (for BPM) or OCUP (for UML). If you can afford it, try to attend one of the BA conferences and take advantage of both the education and networking opportunities. I think you will get far more for less money that way than you would get by spending money on some of the expensive education providers. Save them for after you have a job and your employer is picking up the tab and the training is for something you strongly need for your current role.


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