The OMG Certified Systems Modelling Professional (OCSMP) is a certification offered by the Object Management Group (OMG ). The program awards the OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional certification at four levels. The first level, OCSMP Model User, covers a wide range of essential MBSE and SysML knowledge and skills and so enhances the résumé of those who contribute to a model-based systems engineering project. Building on this foundation, since all lower levels will be prerequisites for the levels above, are three levels targeted at model builders and advanced model users. These levels, termed OCSMP Model Builder – Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced, cover advanced topics with an emphasis on the interconnectedness among the different model viewpoints that gives MBSE its advantage over conventional engineering methods.

OCSMP covers SysML and its application to Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), making it complementary to INCOSE’s comprehensive SE certification program CSEP. INCOSE helped recruit OCSMP question-writers and beta-test takers from their membership during program preparation.



You can find out more information at the OCSMP Overview page on the OMG web site.

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