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Recommended Reading: The Problem with Requirements – Why is there still a problem?

I came across a white paper today called “The Problem with requirements: Why is there still a problem?“.  It was done by The Performance Institute and was sponsored by Robbins-Gioia and BluePrint (of BluePrint Requirements software).  I remember hearing about this when it came out in 2014 but for some reason or other didn’t read it at the time.

You may not find the results to be too surprising, but I think it is definitely worth a read if you are a business analysis.  It’s available from the Robbins Gioia web site and the link above goes directly to the report.

Happy reading.

Recommended Reading – How Do I Know What Questions to Ask?

I’ve been a bit busy lately and haven’t posted anything new to the site, but over the weekend I came across a white paper titled “How Do I Know What Questions to Ask?” that I thought was worth recommending.  It’s from Roxanne Miller over at Requirements Quest and it’s a nice 20-pages or so discussion of planning for interviews as part of requirements elicitation.  There are a couple of pages of example questions, tips on planning what questions to ask, and information on identifying the stakeholders you need to be involved.

It’s a nice piece of writing that I recommend, especially to more junior BA’s.  But I think any BA could probably pick up at least a few valuable ideas.

And the nice thing is that the White Paper is freely available, no registration required, no email required.  Those are generally the only ones I recommend, so give the article a look.  And hey, since Roxanne is offering some freely available reading that isn’t just some useless marketing fluff piece; if you like her stuff, think about buying her book.  🙂

And if you like the white paper, she’s got a few more free goodies on her web site here.


NOTE:  This isn’t a paid endorsement or anything like that.  I’m a fan of people who offer useful, free, and openly accessible knowledge for BA’s.  I mean, have you looked at this site?  So I wanted to point out when someone is doing just that.  And the article is actually quite good.  😉

Jama White Paper – Four Techniques for Defining Project Scope

I came across another white paper that Karl Wiegers wrote today, this one sponsored by Jama.  For a white paper, it really isn’t specific to a particular software package or methodology, which I liked.  It’s just a nice, short (but not too short) discussion of four different techniques for defining project scope.  The four techniques are Context Diagrams, Use Case Diagrams, Feature Roadmaps, and System Events (triggers).  The last couple of pages are about managing scope creep.

It’s a short, practical article that I think is worth pointing out.  So enjoy!

Four Techniques for Defining Project Scope

Sielevel Whitepaper – Forward Thinking for Tomorrow’s Projects – Requirements for Business Analytics

This new white paper by Joy Beatty of Sielevel and Karl Wiegers popped up in a recent Google search I did.  It’s short but has some nice info and idea’s in it so I thought I would share.  Here’s a link:

Forward Thinking for Tomorrow’s Projects – Requirements for Business Analytics