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The Analysis Cross-Matrix: A new or useful idea?

I want to present an idea I had for a business analysis artifact that I am currently calling an Analysis Cross-Matrix.  I don’t know if it’s original, although I haven’t seen it anywhere else.  I don’t even know if it might be particularly useful, or if there are existing techniques that can do the same thing better. That’s why I am posting this article.  I want feedback.  But so far it seems potentially useful and the initial feedback I’ve gotten from a few co-workers was mostly positive.

The idea originated when I came across an example of a Hoshin Kanri X-Matrix and combined it with some of the concepts from the Business Analysis Core Concept Model.

I took the main cross-matrix structure from Hoshin Kanri but changed the arms of the cross to represent information about Stakeholders, Needs, Changes, and Solutions.  These represent the Who, Why, What, and How of any initiative.  And depending on how you populate the cells of the matrix, we can add the When dimension as well.

The basic unpopulated matrix looks like the sample below. You can select whatever colors you prefer, of course.


The matrix is intended to be read in a clock-wise manner starting with the Stakeholder arm (at 9 o’clock).  Essentially, the structure is that Stakeholders have Needs, Needs drive the definition of Changes, Changes are realized via Solutions, and Solutions impact Stakeholders.

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