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Recommended Viewing: Disciplined Agile Business Analysis – Lessons from the Trenches

I’m part of a group at my employer that is piloting the Disciplined Agile Delivery (aka DAD) process and while they have hired a coach from Scott Ambler’s firm to help us out with implementing the process for our project, I still look for resources to help me learn more when I have the chance.  While doing so I came across a video posted to YouTube on February 5, 2016 that was a recording of a presentation Scott Ambler did at the “Adventures with Agile Meetup in London” that talked specifically about the BA role in the DAD process.

Roughly the first 45 minutes are mostly an overview of DAD, with some BA-related comments before that; but the majority of the BA-specific info comes after that point if you want to skip the DAD overview.

One of the interesting comments in the presentation occurs at the 1 hour 23 minute point where Ambler says (roughly), “The Agile people have gotten really good at building race-car engines….  So we take these really great race car engines and we drop them into an organizational tractor and we try to run a race.  And it’s a surprise why we aren’t succeeding.”  I thought it was a great point about organizational readiness that is often overlooked.  He emphasizes this point when he says (again, roughly) “The Agile Community is in this danger that we are sub-optimizing on software development and that is not the full picture.  We need to optimize the organization… It’s not just about software development.”

As a warning, the audio for Scott Ambler is very clear and consistent.  However, the audio for his occasional co-presenter and the audience is incredibly low and difficult to hear.

I found it interesting and worth listening to, as Scott presents DAD as a more “pragmatic” approach to Agile.  Enjoy!