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How do you decompose your analysis?

I was reminded today of a discussion that a co-worker and I were having a while back with some Business Analysts and Project Managers who worked in other Project Management groups within our company (we have several).

We were discussing the ways our different groups approached basic project documentation such as Project Charters, Business Cases, and various Requirements documents; the various “levels” of information that the documents contained; and what those “levels” were called.

It soon became obvious that the different groups didn’t always decompose their project and analysis efforts using the same terms and “levels”.

Rather than trying to explain that concept more, I’ll instead demonstrate how I prefer to decompose a project and analysis effort so that you can actually see what I mean.

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New Wiki Page: Decomposition – Functional and Otherwise

I added a new page to the Wiki that covers Decomposition.  Originally I was just going to write about Functional Decomposition since that is what is in the BABOK, but when doing my research for writing the page I came across too many other examples of when Business Analyst’s use a broader range of decomposition types.  So the wiki page covers structural, behavioral / functional, and goal decomposition.  I have also included very simple examples of documenting decomposition with a diagram, an outline structure, and a table structure.

I’ve got that mental itch that tells me I am going to have to come back and revisit / revise this page some day in the future.   But for now I think it gives a broader overview than what you will get in the BABOK and consolidates information from a number of sources.

As always, feedback is appreciated.