Studying for the CPRE-FL, does anyone have any tips?

There will likely be fewer new wiki entries in the next couple of months or so because I decided to study for the CPRE-FL certification.  I started about 3 weeks ago and it looks like it will take me a month or two more before I think I am ready to try the exam.  I decided to study for the CPRE for the same reason I went for the CBAP, to learn.  But I also wanted to go through the process so that I could see if I wanted to recommend it to any of the BA’s that I mentor (now or in the future) or possibly to the BA practice center that my employer is setting up and for which I am a “coach”.

It’s slow going the way I do it.  I am four chapters into the syllabus and study guide, with 160 self-study questions created so far.  5 more chapters to go just for the review and question creation.  Then I put all those study questions to use by running myself through trial exams.

If anyone has any suggestions on ways to prepare for the exam I would appreciate your suggestions.  I’m going to write up my experiences once I am done, probably as a combination of blog posts and updates to the wiki entry for CPRE, and would like to be able to talk about different ideas that people may have.


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