New Wiki Tools Section Added and an Introduction to MS OneNote 2010 page as well

They were low on my priority list, but I have gotten around to migrating the BA Tools content from the prior version of this web site over.  Rather than have an individual page for each application, I consolidated them into single pages for each category in order to make it easier to maintain.  I didn’t see a reason for me to try and maintain separate pages for each tool when the vendor or coder would do a much better job of that than I could.  I also figured the biggest value I could give here would be awareness of what options are out there.  In an exception to that idea though, I also migrated over my “Introduction to Microsoft OneNote 2010 for Business Analyst’s” content as a wiki sub-page under the information management page.  This is a re-structured version of a presentation deck I put together a while back in order to encourage my fellow BA’s at work to adopt OneNote.  It mainly just gives a consolidated overview of the OneNote functions, and tries to throw in a few places where those might be useful to BA’s.

If you are aware of any tools I have left off (I’m sure there are a lot), feel free to send me an email or add a comment letting me know what I missed and I will add it to the wiki.  Thanks!

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