New Wiki Page: Decision Trees

I added a new “Technique” page to the wiki section.  This one is on Decision Trees.  As usual, I tried to go beyond what is on Wikipedia.  But I would really like suggestions for improvements on this one.  I’ve used decision tree’s occasionally as a BA, but always in the logic-mapping way.  We very rarely use them in the business decision way at my employer, and when they are done they are almost always done by the PM.  So I did my best based on past classes, a small bit of secondary experience, and what I could find on the web.  But I’m sure there is room for improvement.

There is a step-by-step guide to creating them, lots of references and resources to review if you don’t like my info, and hopefully enough to help you figure out if they might be of use to you and how to generally do them.  So hopefully you get some value from the page.  I learned a bit, which is my primary goal.  🙂

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