New Links and Research Papers Added

I realized I had not added anything new to the Links or Research Papers pages of this site in a while, despite having added a number of both to my personal archives.  So I decided to update both lists.

I added 8 new Links and 28 new Research Papers.  Most of the Research Papers are from 2013 or 2014, with a few older ones thrown in.  As usual, I have not read all of these, but they were something I came across while researching various issues and I thought they looked interesting enough to add to the site.  Thankfully, with the increasing number of open-access journals and academics posting their personal copies of their publications, there is a lot more interesting research papers showing up on the publicly accessible internet.

To find the new entries on either list, just sort by the date added column twice.  The first click will display the list with the oldest entries first, the second click sorts with the newest entries first.

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