New BA Book List page & Year-End Update

First, I added a new page to the site called BA Book List under the Resources menu (which is also where the Links and Research Papers pages are now).  This is a list of all of the books specifically about Business Analysis and the BA core skills (which IMO are Business Analysis, Business Architecture, Process Improvement, and Requirements Engineering) that I could identify that still seem to be available for purchase.  I am not including any self-published or e-book only options; or any books about BA-related topics like Agile, Project Management, Software Development, or similar topics.  Feel free to recommend additions to the list if you think I missed a particular book.

Second, I would like to thank you the visitors to this site.  I created (and am slowly adding to) this site to be resource for the BA community that is free of advertising, login requirements, or poorly-hidden (or not hidden at all) “paid placement” articles.  2015 has been a great year for site traffic, with a few of the following year-over-year statistics standing out:

  • Unique site users increased from 11,600 in to 33,100
  • Returning users increased from 2150 to 5000 (and really, these are the people I maintain this site for)
  • The numbers of pages viewed increased from 21,400 to 52,000
  • The bounce rate decreased nearly 5% (which means more people are actually staying past the first page they view)
  • The top-10 countries visitors to the site came from were:  1) U.S.  2) U.K.  3) India  4) Canada  5) Australia  6) Germany  7) Netherlands  8) South Africa  9) Brazil  10) France


So thanks again to all the visitors, but especially thanks to those who actually stick around for a while and the few who keep on coming back.  Have a wonderful New Year!

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