Waterfall, Waterfall, Where for art thou Waterfall?

I’ve often had issues with the way the “Waterfall” development methodology is portrayed by the rabid (or not so rabid) agile proponents (or “Agilista’s” as I sometimes call them).  The way it’s described has never matched the way it’s practiced at my employer, or where any other BA I have spoken to has worked.  That’s not to say that some places don’t practice it that way, but that is not the fault of the methodology; any more than the frequent complaints that businesses who adopt “agile” and fail “aren’t doing it right”.

A while back I came across a couple of blog posts that triggered my research into the Waterfall method, and I wanted to pass them both on.  They are:

Rather than write a Rant about it, I decided to write up a wiki page that tries to just cover the information without too much opinion creeping in.  I have never gotten around to adding some of the final details on Waterfall variants, but the full history and mis-perceptions of “Waterfall” are covered I think.  Give it a look if you are interested.

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