Recommended Reading – How Do I Know What Questions to Ask?

I’ve been a bit busy lately and haven’t posted anything new to the site, but over the weekend I came across a white paper titled “How Do I Know What Questions to Ask?” that I thought was worth recommending.  It’s from Roxanne Miller over at Requirements Quest and it’s a nice 20-pages or so discussion of planning for interviews as part of requirements elicitation.  There are a couple of pages of example questions, tips on planning what questions to ask, and information on identifying the stakeholders you need to be involved.

It’s a nice piece of writing that I recommend, especially to more junior BA’s.  But I think any BA could probably pick up at least a few valuable ideas.

And the nice thing is that the White Paper is freely available, no registration required, no email required.  Those are generally the only ones I recommend, so give the article a look.  And hey, since Roxanne is offering some freely available reading that isn’t just some useless marketing fluff piece; if you like her stuff, think about buying her book.  🙂

And if you like the white paper, she’s got a few more free goodies on her web site here.


NOTE:  This isn’t a paid endorsement or anything like that.  I’m a fan of people who offer useful, free, and openly accessible knowledge for BA’s.  I mean, have you looked at this site?  So I wanted to point out when someone is doing just that.  And the article is actually quite good.  😉

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