Recommended Listening: The Value Proposition of the BA Role

Back in January I was interviewed by Dave Saboe for his Mastering Business Analysis podcast.  The interview came about as a result of the LinkedIn discussion that resulted from my “The Role of the Business Analyst – It’s Time for a New Perspective” article that I had posted on this site.

The podcast episode has some discussion of that article, this site, and my own background (briefly).  If you are interested, the Mastering Business Analysis link above leads directly to the episode page on Dave’s website, as does the image below.  Or you can download the episode via iTunes.  This was episode 114 of Dave’s excellent podcast, so there are lots of back episodes for you to listen to as well.

Feedback and comments are always appreciated.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Recommended Listening: The Value Proposition of the BA Role

  1. Bindita Manek

    Hi David, your interview was truly informative and useful in understanding the paradigm shift in how a business analyst role is perceived. I especially liked the piece where you explained how BAs can be involved in decision making with the right attitude
    I particularly remember the FT days when a training programme for the BA community at large was organized by FTT I believe – called Analysis life cycle. of course that was at a more granular level. I look forward to your wiki/ blog posting some more details on how BAs can equip themselves to lead this change
    thank you and good luck

    1. Dave Post author

      Thank you Bindita. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview and got something out of it. Kudo’s go to Dave Saboe (the host) for both asking some great questions and editing our longer conversation down to just the important bits. 🙂


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