Monthly Archives: July 2018

Are you still there, Dave?

I haven’t posted any updates to the site in a couple of months and wanted to assure you that it’s not because I have given up on adding new content.  Free time to research and write continues to be limited, but when I have the time I have been working on my attempt at creating a definitive article on Interface Analysis.  This has proven to be a surprisingly deep topic and so is taking much more time than I expected.  And in general, most of the ‘simple’ topics for the wiki have been written and the topics I have left on my list tend to require a great deal of research to generate an article that is worth posting.

There also seems to be a severe shortage of useful articles that I could point to for “Recommended Reading” posts.  Unfortunately, both Crosstalk and Requirements Engineering Magazine seem to have stopped publishing in 2017 (or at least have not had new content posted in 2018 at all), and Modern Analyst continues it’s decent into an ad-filled wasteland of useless information.  And I have not come across other Business Analysis focused or related sites that have high-quality content that I feel worth linking to.

So the site will continue to be updated, just a bit more infrequently.   But if you have topics or subjects you would like me to write on, feel free to mention it in a comment to this post.  🙂