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Recommended Reading – The Goal is to Solve the Problem

Every once in a while I come across an article that discusses some subject in an incredibly clear and thoughtful way.  Issue 2017-02 of IREB’s Requirements Engineering Magazine online contains just such an article.  It’s titled “The goal is to solve the problem” and it’s an article that I recommend any Business Analyst or Requirements Engineer read.  And if you are relatively new to the field I recommend it even more.

This article is full of highly quotable text and I have included some quotes below to give you a sampling, but it’s just that.  You really need to read the whole article to gain the full value.

As the authors state in the opening paragraph, they use to the article to:

“… critically explore the concepts and look into the relation between problems and goals through solutions. We will also pay attention to their recursive nature. We will end up with several (slightly provocative) thoughts on the subject, including practical implications for the work of the requirements engineer.”

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