Monthly Archives: July 2017

Site Availability / Connection / Server Issues

This site has been offline occasionally for at least the last 2 days with messages such as “Internal Server Error” and similar messages.  It turns out this is a server issue with my hosting provider and they are working to get it fixed.

So if you have trouble accessing the site, please check back later in the day.  Thanks!

Recent lack of activity

It’s been a few months since I posted something new, but I haven’t abandoned the site or my work on it.

The lack of updates has been been due to a combination of factors including my having started a new job, some family requirements, a need to focus on other things, a lack of content elsewhere that I thought warranted a “Recommended Reading” post here, and the fact that the articles I have in the works are all ones that require quite a bit more time than I originally expected to research and write.

So things may slow down for a while longer with blog and wiki articles coming more infrequently, but they will come.