Monthly Archives: November 2015

Recommended Reading: Hybrid-Agile Software Development – Anti-Patterns, Risks, and Recommendations

I’ve been busy lately with efforts unrelated to this web site, including studying Disciplined Agile Delivery and brushing up my knowledge of Agile in general (a project of mine has been chosen to pilot DAD within my employer); increasing my knowledge of Business Architecture in general and studying for the TOGAF certification specifically; and trying to read several books that others have asked me to comment on.

While engaged in the Agile studies I mentioned above I came across an article on the CrossTalk Magazine web site titled Hybrid-Agile Software Development – Anti-Patters, Risks, and Recommendations by Paul McMahon that I thought was worth recommending.  It’s relatively short yet has a lot of good info in my opinion.  Especially if you are rolling out Agile in your workplace and are transitioning with some Hybrid-Agile methods.

CrossTalk is “The Journal of Defense Software Engineering” and is an approved U.S. Department of Defense Journal.  As such, it’s content is generally freely available and I recommend you give it a regular read.  Or at least check out the article titles.  🙂