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Recommended Reading – The McKinsey Approach to Problem Solving

As often happens for me, while researching one thing on the internet I came across something else so interesting I stopped what I was originally doing in order to take in more about the new thing I came across. In this case, I was looking into the technique of “Issue Trees” (this will probably be one of the next few wiki pages) and came across a 2007 McKinsey Staff Paper titled “The McKinsey Approach to Problem Solving“.

In those 27 pages I found not some dry discussion of problem solving techniques, but rather some of the best and most concise information on what a Business Analyst should be doing (IMO) that I have ever come across. They might as well have titled the paper, “Business Analyst Work Process – First, Understand the Problem”. The paper includes not just a solid overview and process for defining, analyzing, and solving business problems; but some detailed work artifacts, techniques, and suggestions as well.

I can’t recommend you read this paper enough, and believe that every person working as a Business Analyst (whether that is your title or not) should read it. To entice you to do that a bit, I am going to include some select quotes below:

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