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Don’t Miss the Wiki

IMPORTANT NOTE!: Just a quick reminder to visitors that while this blog section contains site news and other commentary by me, the majority of the site content is located under the Wiki section.  See the link in the main menu above.

I’ve noticed from the logs that some folks never seem to make it past the blog part so I am sticking this at the top of the blog as a gentle reminder on where most of the “good” stuff is.  🙂

Excel Tip – Formula to Convert Name Order in Single Cells

I haven’t posted anything new to the site in a while both because I’ve been busy with other things, and because the main articles I am working on are ones that will probably take me quite a while to research and write up to my satisfaction.  I have several in the works (including a few smaller ones I can turn to if necessary) so hopefully I’ll have at least one new wiki article up in August.

But in order to make sure the site gets at least a bit of new content each month, I want to share a quick software tip in the form of a couple of Excel formula’s that I wrote.

These formulas convert single cells with names in [Last Name], [First Name] order to [First Name] [Last Name] order.  The first version leaves in middle initials and suffixes. The second version trims everything after the first name.

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