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New Wiki Page: Matrix Prioritization

I have added a new wiki page on the Matrix Prioritization technique as an addition to the set of prioritization wiki pages I posted earlier this month.

Most BA’s probably know Matrix Prioritization as “Wiegers Prioritization Matrix” or something similar, but there are a few other variants out there and they seem to use roughly the same process, so I documented the general process and included examples of both the common Wiegers version and a more complex version that leverages the same process in a slightly different way.

The nice thing about Matrix Prioritization is that it can be as simple or complex as you like.

As usual, I’ve tried to make the wiki entry pretty complete and feedback is always appreciated.


After working on them off and on for several months I am posting the first batch of wiki pages related to prioritization today.  The new pages include:

As usual, I’ve tried to make these in-depth information resources that include step-by-step instructions.  My goal is to provide a reference that goes beyond what you are likely to find anywhere else on the web if that seems feasible.  In particular, the Prioritization concept page and the Kano Model page have more consolidated information than I have found anywhere else.

Be warned that the Prioritization concept page in particular is fairly huge.  But hopefully not so huge that it is not useful.  🙂

I still plan to add at least one more specific prioritization technique, and possibly a few others.  But they are not my top priority at the moment.

Your feedback and comments would be appreciated.  If you don’t want to leave a comment directly on the page in question, there is an indirect reference to my email address on the “About” page of the site (at the bottom).


Wiki pages for Body’s of Knowledge Consolidated

I decided that having separate wiki pages for each Body of Knowledge of potential interest to Business Analyst’s wasn’t useful, as several of them only had a few lines of content.  So I combined all of the pages into a single page “Body’s of Knowledge”.

I have also removed the references to project management bodies of knowledge for the moment, figuring those are less relevant and given that there is already so much info out there on project management that it shouldn’t be hard for a BA to find information if they need it.

I may do this type of consolidation for other pages, such as those under Organizations (current and future) in order to try and keep the wiki cleanly organized and not full of a bunch of small pages.

If you have suggestions for similar improvements, feel free to add a comment.