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Are you “The Expert”?

If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should watch the YouTube video below. It’s based on a Russian story (link to the original in the YouTube info section) and shows the occasional absurdity that goes along with being a Business Analyst, a Systems Engineer, or any other “expert” role that runs head-first into a business need that just doesn’t make sense. It’s hysterical and sometimes so true it’s painful. 🙂 It had several of my co-workers laughing out loud.

I originally came across this on the fantastic Rands in Repose blog and thought it was worth re-sharing. If you are not reading that blog, you really should be. There is a link on the “Links” page. 🙂

Coming Soon – Prioritization! Any Questions?

I wanted to add a quick post that the reason I have not posted any new wiki pages in a while is that I have been working on a collection of pages that I hope to post at once, or at least a good chunk of them at once.  Last year I tackled the issue of Stakeholders with wiki pages for Stakeholder Identification, Analysis, and Management as well as a number of different stakeholder-related techniques.  After finishing my CPRE-FL I decided to tackle Prioritization.  It seemed like a relatively simple subject until I started diving into it.  🙂

I also wanted to ask if any of you out there had questions on prioritization that you would like me to take on?  If so, post your idea or request to the comments of this blog post.

So far, I have pages nearly done for:

  • Prioritization in general (this is meant to be a fairly complete overview that has some content for everyone from beginners to more advanced)
  • MoSCoW Prioritization (with at least one major variation documented, and possibly another to be added)
  • Cumulative Voting Prioritization (with the HCV variant documented in detail as well)
  • Category Assignment Prioritization (which MoSCoW is actually a variant of)

I still need to get the Kano Method written up, and all of these pages harmonized before I expect to post the first batch of wiki pages.  Then I may move on to address other prioritization techniques such as:

  • Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)
  • Bubble Sorting
  • And perhaps a few others