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The CPRE-FL Certification and Exam – Thoughts and Experiences

After about three and half months of (mostly) weekend study, I sat for and passed the Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering – Foundation Level (CPRE-FL) exam today. And for anyone interested or who might benefit from it, I thought I would share some thoughts on the certification itself, the exam, and my study process.

The Certification

For anyone not familiar with the CPRE certifications from the Certification wiki page on this site, or the CPRE wiki page, you should be aware that the CPRE certification is offered by the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) as an entry-level certification for those who either wish to, or are, engaged in requirements engineering practices.   As a Foundation-level exam, the focus is on core concepts in eliciting, documenting, validating, and managing requirements.

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Wiki Certification page updated

The Certification page on the Wiki has been updated to include the following:

  • The new PMI-PBA certification
  • Two Usability / User Experience individual certifications from Human Factors International
  • Three certifications from the International Qualification Board for Business Analysis (only one actually available)
  • Three certifications from the Requirements Engineering Qualification Board (possibly none currently available, hard to tell)

I am a little uncomfortable with the last two as they are both organizations and certifications I have never heard of before.  And both seem to have a VERY heavy overlap with what the I.R.E.B is doing (and I have a lot of confidence that the IREB is a fully legit and respected organization and certifications).  But I wanted to include them on the page in hopes of getting feedback from people who have actually engaged with those bodies and done the certifications.

If you know of any relevant certifications that I am missing, please let me know either via the comments on that page or via email (see the “About” page).  At the moment I am not planning to include any certifications issued by for-profit training companies (LearningTree for example) or those coming from college or university education programs.

The Certification page is among the most popular pages on the site (it averages 2nd most popular), so I want to try and keep it up to date.  Thanks for visiting!