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Studying for the CPRE-FL, does anyone have any tips?

There will likely be fewer new wiki entries in the next couple of months or so because I decided to study for the CPRE-FL certification.  I started about 3 weeks ago and it looks like it will take me a month or two more before I think I am ready to try the exam.  I decided to study for the CPRE for the same reason I went for the CBAP, to learn.  But I also wanted to go through the process so that I could see if I wanted to recommend it to any of the BA’s that I mentor (now or in the future) or possibly to the BA practice center that my employer is setting up and for which I am a “coach”.

It’s slow going the way I do it.  I am four chapters into the syllabus and study guide, with 160 self-study questions created so far.  5 more chapters to go just for the review and question creation.  Then I put all those study questions to use by running myself through trial exams.

If anyone has any suggestions on ways to prepare for the exam I would appreciate your suggestions.  I’m going to write up my experiences once I am done, probably as a combination of blog posts and updates to the wiki entry for CPRE, and would like to be able to talk about different ideas that people may have.


New Wiki Page: Decision Trees

I added a new “Technique” page to the wiki section.  This one is on Decision Trees.  As usual, I tried to go beyond what is on Wikipedia.  But I would really like suggestions for improvements on this one.  I’ve used decision tree’s occasionally as a BA, but always in the logic-mapping way.  We very rarely use them in the business decision way at my employer, and when they are done they are almost always done by the PM.  So I did my best based on past classes, a small bit of secondary experience, and what I could find on the web.  But I’m sure there is room for improvement.

There is a step-by-step guide to creating them, lots of references and resources to review if you don’t like my info, and hopefully enough to help you figure out if they might be of use to you and how to generally do them.  So hopefully you get some value from the page.  I learned a bit, which is my primary goal.  🙂

New Wiki Tools Section Added and an Introduction to MS OneNote 2010 page as well

They were low on my priority list, but I have gotten around to migrating the BA Tools content from the prior version of this web site over.  Rather than have an individual page for each application, I consolidated them into single pages for each category in order to make it easier to maintain.  I didn’t see a reason for me to try and maintain separate pages for each tool when the vendor or coder would do a much better job of that than I could.  I also figured the biggest value I could give here would be awareness of what options are out there.  In an exception to that idea though, I also migrated over my “Introduction to Microsoft OneNote 2010 for Business Analyst’s” content as a wiki sub-page under the information management page.  This is a re-structured version of a presentation deck I put together a while back in order to encourage my fellow BA’s at work to adopt OneNote.  It mainly just gives a consolidated overview of the OneNote functions, and tries to throw in a few places where those might be useful to BA’s.

If you are aware of any tools I have left off (I’m sure there are a lot), feel free to send me an email or add a comment letting me know what I missed and I will add it to the wiki.  Thanks!

New Wiki Page: Unified Process

I added a new page to the wiki that covers the Unified Process and it’s major variants.  As usual, I tried to put together more information than you would find on Wikipedia.  You may be aware of most of the info there, but we don’t use UP or any of it’s variants where I work, so it was a learning experience.  There could be some improvements I’m sure, so feel free to add comments with suggestions.