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New Wiki Page: Decomposition – Functional and Otherwise

I added a new page to the Wiki that covers Decomposition.  Originally I was just going to write about Functional Decomposition since that is what is in the BABOK, but when doing my research for writing the page I came across too many other examples of when Business Analyst’s use a broader range of decomposition types.  So the wiki page covers structural, behavioral / functional, and goal decomposition.  I have also included very simple examples of documenting decomposition with a diagram, an outline structure, and a table structure.

I’ve got that mental itch that tells me I am going to have to come back and revisit / revise this page some day in the future.   But for now I think it gives a broader overview than what you will get in the BABOK and consolidates information from a number of sources.

As always, feedback is appreciated.

We are not Business Analysts

Have you ever struggled to explain to someone what you do?  Not just to that distant cousin at the family Christmas party, or the random person you are chatting with in line at Starbucks; but people who actually work within your organization?  Or even worse, the senior people who are going to be taking part in your project and who have no idea what a Business Analyst does?

Have you mumbled something about projects, processes, and software?  Maybe mentioned requirements elicitation, analysis, and documentation?  The problem isn’t that you don’t know your job, the problem is that your job title is wrong.  We are not business analyst’s.

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Site Moved to WordPress

I decided to move this site to WordPress, as you can see.  Smile

The wiki content, the links list, and the research papers list are all still here.  However, the forums are gone.  No one was using them and I thought the WordPress comments system would make it easier for people to interact and provide feedback on the site.  Moving to WordPress also allows for more intuitive URL’s on the wiki pages and other content.  Note that the “wiki” is no longer collaborative and is solely authored by me, but it still acts as a “wiki” in the original “quick knowledge” definition.  There are still a lot of pages that I need to add, re-write and vastly improve, but I hope you still find some value in most of it.  Ideas for future pages are on the main Wiki page, but are not links.

Also, it’s a better blogging platform.  I will use blog posts to point out articles or other posts of interest elsewhere on the web, as well as a platform for my own ideas that are more opinion-based as I want to keep those separate from the wiki where I try to remain at least mostly neutral.

Lastly, the current theme and site design are almost certainly not the final design.  I just wanted something that mostly allowed for a wider-content display and which looked decent.  In time I will get it looking better.

As always, your feedback is appreciated.  Have a great day!


Jama White Paper – Four Techniques for Defining Project Scope

I came across another white paper that Karl Wiegers wrote today, this one sponsored by Jama.  For a white paper, it really isn’t specific to a particular software package or methodology, which I liked.  It’s just a nice, short (but not too short) discussion of four different techniques for defining project scope.  The four techniques are Context Diagrams, Use Case Diagrams, Feature Roadmaps, and System Events (triggers).  The last couple of pages are about managing scope creep.

It’s a short, practical article that I think is worth pointing out.  So enjoy!

Four Techniques for Defining Project Scope